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Hi there! I am so happy you're here!




I'm Kelye. I started Beauty of Birth Videos with my filmmaker husband, Evan. We are high school sweethearts from Las Vegas. We have two children and a furry friend who likes to think she's our child too. Our daughter was born in 2020 in a hospital and our son was born in 2023 in our home. For both births I wanted to have a videographer. For our daughter's birth, we couldn't have one due to lockdown restrictions, and for our son we just simply couldn't afford one. However, from some iPhone footage taken during the birth of our son, we were able to make something truly beautiful. This spurred our desire to do the same for others!



I love birth and think it is beautiful regardless of how or where it happens. I would love to support your choices while capturing the story of your labor during this life changing experience. I know it requires sharing your most intimate and vulnerable moments with us and we are extremely aware of the responsibility and privilege it would be to witness your birth.

It would be an honor for us to work with you and create a video you look back on for years to come!

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